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Here are the top must haves when you look to upgrade your current technology and devices:

  • Convenience

    ConnectKeys’ MFP’s enable powerful, single-touch scanning workflows in various formats such as text searchable and single/multi-page pdfs. The scan to cloud solutions allow you to convert documents to Microsoft® Word®, Excel® and Power Point®.

    You can share your documents via standard network folders, email, cloud-based repositories like Google Docs™,, Office 365, Dropbox™, etc… and document management utilities, or back-end enterprise resource-planning systems.  Connect and share everywhere. Freedom in the office and room to room.

  • Security

    ConnectKey provides the most comprehensive range of advanced features and technologies to help ensure your company’s confidential information stays secure. Ready, set and just out of the box, the standard security features include 256-bit hard disk encryption, McAfee® protection, image overwrite and secure printing with time deletion and emailing to external mail servers, plus a host of other safeguards that help protect your business-critical information from all vulnerabilities. More secure anywhere. Compliance with standards.

  • Productivity

    You need to quickly find and share your work for more effective collaboration, to move information into critical systems for faster decision-making and rapid response time.  Xerox® ConnectKey has the technology that enables features like the enhanced address book with favorites, which lets you seamlessly import your existing contacts and roll them out to multiple ConnectKey MFPs. No more obstacles along with time-saving administration.

  • Cost Control

    Whether you’re using out-of-the-box default settings like two-sided printing, the innovative Earth Smart feature, or the built-in technology that avoids a second pass of the print engine if only one page was sent, the new technology will ensure you have complete control over who prints what, when and how.

    ConnectKey evolves with your needs, starting with very simple controls from restricting usage and regulating color printing.  The available User Permission control integrates with your internal authentication system – allowing you to prevent pre-determined or non-authenticated users from seeing specific features on the user interface, and to restrict color printing or single-sided documents universally or by application, time of day, or day of the week. Saving you time so you can save money.

    And with Xerox’ Microsoft® Windows® print drivers you’ll have the ability to save different settings per application, minimizing the need for your users to make changes thereby reducing the risk of potential errors.

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