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DocuSense is a preferred contract supplier of computer printers, supplies, and services for University of Pennsylvania.

We’ve been in business nearly two decades and we’re one of the area’s leading service and laser printer supply companies!

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. We ensure that each customer gets personalized attention, each time … every time.

We are brand agnostic and certified/authorized technicians who are qualified to work on a wide range of printers. Moreover, we are thoroughly familiar with printers from all  major manufacturers, as well as the not-so-common brands.

Now is the time to work with a company that helps you to understand and manage your document costs and workflow. We have the equipment, the software and financial reporting capability to simplify your existing data production and workflow!


A Preferred Contract Supplier of Printers, Supplies & Services

DocuSense is a University preferred contract supplier of computer printers, supplies, and services. We offer copier rentals, lease and purchase options and have a remarkable ability to review your current printer/copier workflow situation to ultimately simplify the entire process. What does this mean for you? It saves you a lot of money.

About the Contract

The DocuSense discount pricing agreement is the result of a strategic sourcing initiative intended to leverage University spend with technology related suppliers.

Ordering Information

All DocuSense product requirements must be processed via the BEN Buys purchasing system. The DocuSense online product catalog with Penn specific contract pricing is available in the Penn Marketplace The University’s MasterCard Purchasing Card cannot be used for purchases from DocuSense. Additional product and pricing information as well as assistance with special orders is available from the DocuSense sales representative listed below.

PennMPS Light Program

You spoke. We listened! DocuSense now offers PennMPS as a no-cost program to departments. The PennMPS Light program brings the same analytics into your department’s operations and use of output devices without an upfront commitment.

The PennMPS Light program yields deliverable documents which will help deparment managers as they plan on how to allocate their resource. Click the button to learn more.

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