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An MFP – Multi-Function Product, Printer or Device is an office machine which incorporates the functionality of multiple devices in one, so as to have a smaller “footprint”in a business setting. It can also provide a centralized document management system as a combination of some or all of the following device. They include:

  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Photocopier
  • Printer
  • Scanner

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The Facts:

When it comes to the burden of office equipment repairs, there are many questions and complexities that might keep you from making the call to a technician and just living with the problem. Who will you choose to repair your device?
Will your printer repair technicians ask the right questions?

The Devices

Multifunction printer on the fritz? Laser printer machines acting up? Maybe you’re having trouble configuring the network setting for your printer.

No worries. Our certified Xerox, Lexmark, HP and Toshiba service technicians are standing by to help you.

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  • Will they let me know if the machine is worth repairing?

    DocuSense technicians manage thousands of print devices across the continental United States. We have the experience to know when you are wasting your money … and the honesty to tell you up front.

  • Will they know if the printer is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

    Our certified technicians stay up to date with all client warranties. We’ll know if you’re covered.

  • Will they take the time to try to help me over the phone?

    This may seem like a strange question, but it would surprise you to know how many office equipment service companies won’t take just a few minutes to see if the problem can be easily fixed over the phone. We know you’re busy, so if the problem is a simple fix, we will diagnose it right away and provide you with instant, actionable information right over the phone.

  • Will they show up on time to service my device?

    We understand that you’re on a schedule. Our technicians will be there when scheduled — on time, every time — to solve your printing equipment problems.

  • Will they have the parts they need when they visit?

    DocuSense technicians coordinate with your administrative staff to ensure all parts needed to service your printers are on hand before they come to your office.

  • Will they repair it right the first time?

    We guarantee our service technicians will repair your printers the right way the first time around — or it’s on us!

  • Will they be reasonable about the cost?

    We build relationships for the long haul. Taking flight and leaving you with nothing but a colossal printer repair bill is not how DocuSense works. We want to build relationships founded on value, trust and respect — and uphold these relationships for years to come.

  • What happens if they can’t repair my printer?

    If we are unable to repair your printer, we may replace it and provide you with a functional machine until the replacement arrives.

With DocuSense, that “ugh, the printer’s jammed again” no longer takes the downtime toll it used to

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