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Toll Brothers is a Philadelphia based builder that builds high-end homes nationwide. Toll Brothers has a fleet of color and monochrome printers and plotters in their home office and at each of thousands of construction sites.

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The Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Copier

May 26th, 2019|Comments Off on The Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Copier

For years, the print and copier industry has operated on a tried and true principle: leasing offers customers low monthly payments over a 4 to a 5-year term. Additionally, buying a copier might be [...]

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Xerox PaperCut

March 26th, 2019|Comments Off on Xerox PaperCut

Xerox® PaperCut MF/NG Seamlessly monitor and control your printing devices, even for walk-up and off-the-glass use. PaperCut MF is a comprehensive copy and print management system designed to seamlessly monitor and control your resources [...]

  • xerox single sign-on software

Xerox Single Sign-On

March 26th, 2019|Comments Off on Xerox Single Sign-On

Xerox® Workplace Suite On-premise, server-based print management and mobile access for your printer fleet, with benchmark security, convenience and usage insights you need to unleash productivity and reduce costs. Key Features Authentication and Access [...]

Three Questions to Ask Your e-Waste Recycler

September 5th, 2018|Comments Off on Three Questions to Ask Your e-Waste Recycler

Are they R2 Certified? Is your recycler using federally mandated NIST guidelines? Why? Security! Not all e-waste recycling is created equal. SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the responsible [...]

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