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Enjoy Your Tax Deduction


As the year is coming to a close, now and before December 31st is an excellent time to take advantage of equipment purchases such as copiers, printers, scanners and other multifunction devices. Although this equipment can be used for both personal and business purposes or ‘listed property,’ you may be able to deduct a certain [...]

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Printing Simplified


There’s a new tool to help you manage multiple printers and their complexity in your workspace. Print Deploy can take the hassle out of managing drivers, devices, and print queues. Managing printer fleets can be painful for your IT staff. Most companies have multiple manufacturers, models, and drivers. Users audaciously want the ability to print [...]

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What is Seat Based Billing?


At its core, DocuSense MPS (Managed Print Services) gives our customers a way to understand and control their print cost.  Traditionally, MPS is measured by pages (clicks) and our clients get charged for the pages, sometimes called overages. DocuSense MPS has a newer way to define usage; Seat Based Billing.  SBB means customers will be [...]

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A PaperCut You Can Rely On


PaperCut Multifunction Embedded Looking to fully and seamlessly integrate print and copy controls into your business?  DocuSense offers PaperCut MF.  PaperCut provides integration with most major MFP devices, enabling the tracking, charging or billing of “off the glass” copying, faxing and scanning. What does this mean for your business? Authentication with SSO (For Xerox Devices) [...]

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What’s The Difference Between Your Smartphone And Your Copier?


Answer: Not much given changes in today’s multifunction devices, except that it’s still hard to fit your printer into your pocket. Today’s office multifunction printer/scanner/copier is forced to do more than ever before.  However, devices shouldn’t be so complicated that you’ll need to be a trained IT professional to use them.  Thankfully, office multifunction office [...]

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