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The Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Copier


For years, the print and copier industry has operated on a tried and true principle: leasing offers customers low monthly payments over a 4 to a 5-year term. Additionally, buying a copier might be a good solution, but may also cause a financial strain on the organization. Nevertheless, in some cases this is a preferred [...]

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Strategies For Printer Savings


All purchases are not created equal. Choosing which paper towel brand to invest in? Pretty simple. Deciding which type of meat and vegetarian-friendly edibles to buy for your next family and friends gathering? Perhaps a bit more challenging. Purchasing the right multifunction office equipment? That can get tricky. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to make the [...]

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Audit, Assess, Cut Costs


Managed Print Solutions! You like a good case study, right? Well, to be fair, you probably fall into the majority of people who prefer scanning through the summary and skimming over the bold headlines before jumping to the good part: the conclusion and next steps. Case studies provide valuable industry information -- uncovering strategies to amp [...]

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Do You Get Excellent eConcierge Services?


You’ve got enough to do already. Xerox eConcierge will help lighten your load. It takes printing supplies off your to-do list. What’s the first thing you think about when someone says, FREE? Do you think there’s a catch? Of course, we all know nothing is free. But there is NO catch, and we’re excited to share [...]

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