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DocuSense provides customers with a thorough understanding of their existing workflow to develop a strategies to maximize their productivity. Our goal is to significantly reduce print costs by eliminating inefficiencies. Our customers pay only for what they use and they use only what they need.

Xerox Single Sign-On

Xerox® Workplace Suite On-premise, server-based print management and mobile access for your printer fleet, with benchmark security, convenience and usage insights you need to unleash productivity and reduce costs. Key Features Authentication and Access [...]

Xerox PaperCut

Xerox® PaperCut MF/NG Seamlessly monitor and control your printing devices, even for walk-up and off-the-glass use. PaperCut MF is a comprehensive copy and print management system designed to seamlessly monitor and control your resources [...]

Top Ways To Finally Cure High Office Supply Prices with HP Advantage

Are You Taking Advantage of Curing High Office Supply Prices? Probably Not! You are smart and realize that office printing is the third largest expense in your office.  So, you or your office manager [...]

Three Questions to Ask Your e-Waste Recycler

Are they R2 Certified? Is your recycler using federally mandated NIST guidelines? Why? Security! Not all e-waste recycling is created equal. SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the responsible [...]

The Top 9 Reasons Why Businesses Love Sharp Printers and Copiers

DocuSense is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Sharp copiers and printers. The benefits for what they can bring to businesses is exciting and at DocuSense, we enjoy helping [...]

The Problem with The Transference of HIPAA Compliant Data in Today’s World

Let me introduce myself; My Name is Samuel Stone and this is my story but I’m going to tell it as if it was your story. Sadly, it’s a common [...]

Six Things To Consider When Buying A Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers (MFP) can help you streamline duplicate and cumbersome document processes and electronically organize, edit and archive your paper documents. With an MFP and a simple software application you can turn paper documents into [...]

School District Alert! Save Money On IT Asset Recovery

Every year, School districts struggle with a huge challenge. That is, what do they do with all their used computer equipment?  Because new computer desktops and laptops are purchased, districts have to decide how [...]

Safe & Secure with Software Solutions

Are Your Files Secure if You’re Utilizing Print Management Software? Delivering Clarity For Your Most Frequently Asked Questions At DocuSense we offer a variety of monitoring software programs as a solution for your company [...]

Printer Security: Internal And External Strategies

Secure Your Multifunction Devices: Keep The Classified In And Corruption Out In 2011, Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures were forced to temporarily shut down the multi-million dollar production of “The Avengers.” Why? Because the [...]

Managed Print Strategy

Your Print Management Solution, Hot Off The Press Work With DocuSense To Blueprint Your Managed Print Office printing is in a state of printing peril! The Problems: Maintenance and repairs: Tasks heaped on the IT [...]