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School District Alert! Save Money On IT Asset Recovery


Every year, School districts struggle with a huge challenge. That is, what do they do with all their used computer equipment?  Because new computer desktops and laptops are purchased, districts have to decide how to dispose of these used systems no longer needed. They can’t just throw them out as this would result in a [...]

School District Alert! Save Money On IT Asset Recovery2017-12-13T16:02:01+00:00

How Can Schools Increase Their Revenue and Cut Costs?


How data affects funding Many school districts are inadequately or improperly managing their ever-increasing student data. Unfortunately, much of this data can directly impact the funding they are eligible to receive through programs such as Free and Reduced Price Lunch. A Serious Problem A recent AASA survey revealed that 99 percent of superintendents questioned say [...]

How Can Schools Increase Their Revenue and Cut Costs?2017-11-24T00:04:26+00:00

Do You Kno2?


You Can Know 2 much. You Can Know 2 Little. But Do You Know … Kno2? There is no other industry that changes so rapidly as Healthcare.  As a result, sharing patient information in a positive way, that doesn’t compromise the quality of care and also helps reduce costs for an exceptional experience, is necessary [...]

Do You Kno2?2017-10-13T17:31:38+00:00

Safe & Secure with Software Solutions


Are Your Files Secure if You’re Utilizing Print Management Software? Delivering Clarity For Your Most Frequently Asked Questions At DocuSense we offer a variety of monitoring software programs as a solution for your company and your many devices. Managed print services alleviate a multitude of concerns when it comes to printer repair, ordering supplies, tracking [...]

Safe & Secure with Software Solutions2017-01-04T22:29:01+00:00

Eco-Printing & Sustainability with Xerox


Are Your Multifunction Devices On An Eco-Friendly Diet? Get The Skinny On Recycled Consumption Print management solutions, like the software we’ve talked about in previous posts, make it much easier to print with respect for the environment and our precious natural resources. But implementing managed print services is only part of the story -- there [...]

Eco-Printing & Sustainability with Xerox2017-11-18T20:15:01+00:00