There’s a new tool to help you manage multiple printers and their complexity in your workspace. Print Deploy can take the hassle out of managing drivers, devices, and print queues.

Managing printer fleets can be painful for your IT staff. Most companies have multiple manufacturers, models, and drivers. Users audaciously want the ability to print to any printer in any location. How unfeeling can they be?

Your IT staff is saddled with installing numerous print drivers, managing multiple queues in many locations, some having print servers, and some not so much. Whew!

Now there’s a nifty solution called Print Deploy from PaperCut.

Do you have multiple print drivers? Multiple print queues? Multiple locations? Do you have a variety of servers or no servers at all? No problem! With Print Deploy, enterprise customers can effortlessly manage to print for their users.

To use Print Deploy, you need only set up the print queues and drivers you want, then use their cloning tool to push them out to all users’ computers. Then, you get to sit back and handle more critical issues.

Now that’s easy! Call 1-800-422-0080 or contact us for more information or a demonstration of this new tool.

Simplify your workflow, your work, your life. DocuSense, Complexity Simplified!

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