At its core, DocuSense MPS (Managed Print Services) gives our customers a way to understand and control their print cost.  Traditionally, MPS is measured by pages (clicks) and our clients get charged for the pages, sometimes called overages.

DocuSense MPS has a newer way to define usage; Seat Based Billing.  SBB means customers will be charged a flat fee each month per user.  That fee will cover print management software, supplies, service for all their devices.  The simplicity of this model is alluring.  It covers all devices including locally connected printers as well as networked and multifunction printers.

SBB requires software to track user print history.  This establishes an average cost per user.  Accountability doesn’t end because of SBB.  Rather, it’s enhanced because our customers can use the monitoring software to establish rules to help educate users to keep costs down.

The concept of billing per seat is not new and is in use and growing in other related industries.  We’re already paying per seat for cell phones, software, IT endpoint management, etc… no matter the usage, so it’s a natural progression for DocuSense to introduce this concept to our clients.

SBB is a different perspective on the traditional Managed Print Services model.  Customers will be able to budget for print costs with certainty each and every month.  That’s complexity simplified! For more information contact us here or call 1-800-422-0080.

Simplify your processes, your work, your life.  DocuSense – Complexity Simplified.

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