PaperCut Multifunction Embedded

Looking to fully and seamlessly integrate print and copy controls into your business?  DocuSense offers PaperCut MF.  PaperCut provides integration with most major MFP devices, enabling the tracking, charging or billing of “off the glass” copying, faxing and scanning. What does this mean for your business?

Authentication with SSO (For Xerox Devices)

Leverage your existing single sign-on (SSO) infrastructure by allowing users to log in with the same username and password used elsewhere on the network. Access Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote and others directly from your MFP screen; no need to remember and maintain multiple logins!

Follow Me and Secure Print

Only available on Xerox® Devices built on Xerox® ConnectKey® 1.5 Technology and higher and optionally Card ID Authentication. Find Me printing provides users with the option to use any multi-function device, an environment where users send the jobs to a single virtual global queue, then walk up and log on to any Xerox® Multifunction Printers to release individual print jobs.

Flexibility to Charge Accounts

The embedded copier interface is consistent with the workstation print interface, meaning users only have to learn one system and one set of terminology. Jobs may be allocated to shared accounts that represent departments, projects or clients.

Track and Control Copy/Scanning/Faxing

After authenticating with their user account, users select the account to charge for their copies/fax/scan. Users are provided with real-time feedback of account balance and cost as the job proceeds. Additionally, charge different types of copying at different rates. Lastly, restrict access to color copying.

All usage reported centrally in the PaperCut logs. You may optionally apply quotas to limit usage/amount of copies/scan/fax.

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