Answer: Not much given changes in today’s multifunction devices, except that it’s still hard to fit your printer into your pocket.

Today’s office multifunction printer/scanner/copier is forced to do more than ever before.  However, devices shouldn’t be so complicated that you’ll need to be a trained IT professional to use them.  Thankfully, office multifunction office equipment use has simplified over the years with intuitive screens, user friendly-icons and easy to use features and apps.  Their inspiration?  Your smartphone.

Yes, your smartphone was the impetus that drove equipment manufacturers to realize that the advanced features they needed to offer today’s office workers weren’t very useful unless users could easily navigate the screens to get to the function they wanted to perform.  That forced them to make their interface more intuitive with the same touch and swipe capabilities you’ll find in your smartphone.

Here are just some examples of forward-thinking technology you might not realize exists in today’s multifunction printer.  They offer:

Advanced Security – limiting access to only authorized users allows offices to monitor, control or reduce print usage.  Login or swipe your id, or tape your phone on the device to access the functions.  Many newer devices have antivirus subscriptions built right in to reduce security risk or report suspicious or unauthorized activity.

Personalized Login – Login once and the device changes it’s screen to show the personalized functions you use.

Single Sign On – Like your smartphone, the multifunction device can send your credentials down to cloud based apps like Drive, Dropbox, Office 365 etc.…  Tap your smartphone or id card to the printer and it’ll recognize you and automatically offer access to all your apps on the device.

Industry Specific Applications – Apps designed for specific industries like education (Blackboard, Moodle).  Legal (auto-redaction). Medical (Secure patient information) Accounting (Quickbooks Online, Concur) and more…

The bottom line is that your device can do much more today than ever and the better news is that apps are being created every month that can be added to your existing device.  That means that your device today will be more useful and will be capable of more advanced functions as it ages, not less… just like your smartphone.

Want more information?  Check out all the apps available here or call DocuSense with your specific needs.

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