For years, the print and copier industry has operated on a tried and true principle: leasing offers customers low monthly payments over a 4 to a 5-year term. Additionally, buying a copier might be a good solution, but may also cause a financial strain on the organization. Nevertheless, in some cases this is a preferred option. But for those unwilling or not wishing to lease, or buy, we have another solution and an excellent suggestion!

At DocuSense we offer COPIER RENTALS for those who have a temporary need, or are uncertain of how long their workflow or short-term project will be. Although we’d like to break down the three options, (lease, buy, rent) we are going to take a deep dive into:

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Copier!

  1. These are laser printers, with the capability to print, copy, fax, and scan. The rental also includes the option of a service contract and convenient ink replacement, like HP Advantage
  2. These are also high-quality devices and are the same as those that would be leased or purchased*
  3. We also have software solutions like PaperCut, eConcierge, Single Sign On (SSO), etc…available, just like with a lease or buy agreement
  4. DocuSense will deliver, install, train in days – and you’ll get the productivity and features you need without the long-term risk of a lease or purchase.
  5. Your monthly payments can be applied to a long-term lease or should you decide to purchase the equipment or want to keep the device for a longer amount of time.

Today’s office managers know that their markets increasingly demand flexibility and change. If the workflow changes, why can’t their equipment?

So, if you’re considering leasing or buying a device, please put that on pause for a moment. There are very specific situations that some offices require and we’d like for you to contemplate what your needs are now or into the future.

In your office the need could be for six months. Maybe you require a one-year rental, but concerned that your copier needs may change as your project develops. Maybe you don’t know how long you need the device. Perhaps once the device is in your facility you discover that you want different options/upgrades from the original device you rented. For example: whether it sorts, staples, hole punches, etc… Maybe that’s not an initial need but then 4 months later, it is. You can contact us and simply switch out the device for another model and continue on with your rental agreement or in all probability begin a new one.

As mentioned earlier, these are high quality devices and yes, *they are often refurbished machines. Who cares, as long as it meets your needs during this temporary basis? Copiers can be rented on a month-to-month basis for up to year or even longer.

We’re always transparent here at DocuSense and in fairness it does cost slightly more to rent a copier than to buy or lease a copier from a month-to-month payout, but you only require a short-term commitment, so you can rest as ease.

If you have a business that is seasonal, like an accounting firm and you’re overwhelmed during the months of January – April, this is a perfect example of why you should rent a copier during the months that your paper and printing needs are at their peak.  If you’re coordinating a political campaign or running an event, this is also an excellent option. You need to print collateral materials, badges, banners and more. Going outside of the office isn’t always the best option as it’s inconvenient and expensive. Sales offices that require report printing might also find renting a copier is excellent simply because the team uses digital communication during off months. Therefore, printing needs change as the seasons and projects change.

If you’re a small to a mid-sized business, take a step back and think about the copier rental option. Maybe you didn’t know this option existed. Perhaps you’re starting a business and need printing in bulk but not sure if you’re going to expand your company or worse eventually close your doors. While we hope this wouldn’t be the case, we want to offer you the option of having rentals by the month to alleviate the weight of investing too much money into your start-up business. If you already have devices but need more, you might require supplemental devices, like a real estate firm setting up a new development. Event planners are perfect examples for this need. What about wedding planners or restaurants?

If you are interested in options not normally thought about, we simplify the process because we are a brand agnostic company with the understanding that there are many types of companies out there with a variety of requirements.

Contact us today about renting a copier. You’ll be amazed at the options we have and you’ll even love the fact we’re attentive to your business needs, big or small.

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