1. Are they R2 Certified? Is your recycler using federally mandated NIST guidelines? Why? Security! Not all e-waste recycling is created equal. SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the responsible reuse, repair and recycling of electronic products. They set the R2 standard which is the internationally recognized common set of safety, security and documentation processes for disposal or reuse. Only one recycler is R2 certified and maintains a $1M CyberTheft insurance policy in the Mid Atlantic region. Why is this important? Your security depends on destruction or wipes of any information in your electronics and R2 is the only recognized standard for securing your data. Anything else is an undocumented risk. R2 recyclers CAN provide data back to their clients detailing the equipment in question and what is in its eventual disposition by model and serial number, providing a legal record of the action taken for each device. R2 certified recyclers CAN also report back the yearly environmental impact of their recycling for each of their clients.
  2. What percent of their incoming waste stream is resold or reused? Even though they may be R2 Certified, most recyclers charge for removal by the pound. It doesn’t matter to them what they collect. That means they are happy just billing their clients without a serious look at the VALUE of the equipment they bring in. Why is that important? Because your electronics might have resale value and if resold, that could return money or provide a credit to you. The returned value can offset or at least reduce the transportation and destruction costs. Find an R2 certified recycler that is willing to put a resale value on the equipment to be recycled.
  3. Resale value can sometimes be found for older PC’s/Servers, working Copiers, some flat screen monitors, data switches, IP telephones, PDA’s and laptops. Are they local? Contracting someone across the country might result in higher transportation fees and a higher carbon footprint. Check to be sure they have a participating recycling center close to your pickup point to avoid trucking fees.

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