Are You Taking Advantage of Curing High Office Supply Prices? Probably Not!

You are smart and realize that office printing is the third largest expense in your office.  So, you or your office manager are always looking to save money on HP supplies, and most likely purchased HP toner online or at Staples with coupons for the lowest price or prices you could find. You probably purchased alternative brands to save even more money. Sounds like a good plan, in theory, actually at the time, likely an excellent choice. Unfortunately, you’ve irritated HP with that move. That’s right, HP is angry, and they’re not going to take it anymore!

Revenge is sweet and best served cold. When people are upset they take action!

To your exclusive benefit, HP and DocuSense have teamed up together to get you high-quality HP supplies for up to 1/3 off the average retail price. That’s equivalent to the rate for alternative brands; moreover, they are original HP products, a company you can trust for quality and an excellent reputation!

There’s more.  You’ll also get electronic delivery of supply items, which are fully automated as you need them along with free repairs powered by DocuSenses’ award-winning on-site service technicians included for your devices as long as you are registered in the program.

Want even better benefits?  You’ll be able to take advantage of highly reduced prices on new equipment.

What’s the catch? 

It’s very simple. To qualify, you’ll need 3 or more existing HP Laser Printers, and you’ll need to commit to the program for a year or more.  That’s it!

Take the first step and call us at 1-800-422-0080 to learn more about the HP revenge offer, also known as the HP Advantage at DocuSense.

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