DocuSense is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Sharp copiers and printers. The benefits for what they can bring to businesses is exciting and at DocuSense, we enjoy helping companies learn how to save money and improve productivity. That’s why we are Complexity, Simplified.

Here are our top 9 Reasons why you should consider Sharp Copiers and Printer.

  1. The retractable full-size keyboard that makes it so easy to enter information.
    Sometimes using a regular keyboard is just easier and quicker than a touch-screen.
  2. The customizable 10.1″ high definition touch-screen display makes it easy to see and navigate menus.
    This larger touch-screen display is easier to read and navigate than the copier screens of the past.
  3. SharpDesk is a scan software solution that lets you convert paper documents into editable text documents!
    The days of being handed a piece of paper and having to retype the entire document to make a few simple changes are over. Scan, Convert and Edit.
  4. These multi-function devices have a dual scan document feeder than scans both sides of an original document at one time.
    Enjoy having both sides scanned without flipping a page.
  5. A functionality feature now includes editing documents on screen and deleting blank pages before hitting the send button.
    If you have blank pages in your document, you had to just send as is. Now, remove that frustration by deleting blank pages before sending.
  6. 1200 x 1200 dpi color!
    Documents are looking awesome! You now have the opportunity to produce professional, high-quality documents with razor-sharp images in-house.
  7. Sharp MFP’s are award winning.Sharp multi-function printers have won numerous awards and are known for their reliability.
  8. Many Options.These include but not limited to the following: expandable memory capabilities for extra paper capacity, professional finishers to software addons. Completely customizable for your organization’s needs.
  9. Cloud Based with Document Management Integration.
    We live in a mobile world. Many people work from their home office or offsite and access to smartphones and tablets are at our fingertips. Now with Sharp’s document management you can stay connected even when they are not in the office.

With all of those reasons, what is not to love about Sharp multi-function printers and copiers? Contact us at DocuSense to learn more and we’d love to share an amazing experience with you.

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