Are you a school district Administrator saddled with the task of deciding what to do with all your old computer equipment year over year? Are you working with your IT Department and at a loss for what to do? Stop scratching your  heads, a solution is in sight!

Did you know that thousands of school district administrators, just like you are grappling with an enormous challenge and there is one question we ask: What do you do with all your used computer equipment? Every year, new computer desktops, servers, printers and mobile devices are purchased. The year ends, and now what? Well, the retired devices are recycled with very little or no return to the districts, and very often this comes at a cost to the school for pickup and proper disposal. Terrible!

Let’s make matters even worse. Now, most schools are increasingly purchasing mobile devices (tablets) for their students, compounding the problem as hundreds if not thousands of devices pile up and accumulated for recycling. Sometimes they are given away to the students. The result – substantial financial losses as many schools, struggle to balance their budgets in the face of decreased funding!

At DocuSense we are solutions oriented and have an essential question to ask: What if there were ways to recover value for those retired IT assets? Would you be interested in learning more? It would be unfortunate if you weren’t at least open to the possibility of what we could save you financially and help your IT department with their budget constraints.

Learn To Save Money

Consider This Example:

One school district we’ve worked with with in the past allowed us to carefully manage their retired/refreshed units. We priced these accordingly to current market price structure. We took those assets back and generated nearly $30,000 annually back to the school. By doing this more frequently, (twice a year) the value recovered is higher as computer assets quickly lose their net worth when new models with better technology now introduced. Compare this to a once-a-year or end-of-school-year purge. Realizing now, those dollars can be used to offset more, and better equipment purchases or credited back to the school for future purchases of IT services, equipment or supplies. Sounds great, right? You need to reach out to us to Learn More.

Moreover, once the assets are listed, DocuSense will offer to purchase them. Our R2 certified (see below)* recycling organization will pick-up your school district’s used equipment; then will recycle unusable assets. For those devices having value, we’ll wipe any information residing on resalable devices and make them available for resale to other schools or organizations.

Something Else to Keep in Mind:

Schools attempting to recover value for their IT assets also face serious security issues. Stored and confidential information remains on those hard drives and if there is an audit trail for their destruction or secure wipe of data when resold? Trouble. Trouble. Trouble.

As we mentioned in a previous blog, your school or district can choose to get a check for the value of the assets or can receive credit toward the purchase of future services, supplies or equipment from DocuSense.

Thankfully, because at DocuSense, we’re complexity simplified, there is a standard for recycling and destroying used assets. As mentioned above, *The R2 Standard is a global environmental worker health and safety standard for the electronics refurbishing and recycling industry. The standard rule encompasses procedures for safe recycling of electronic components and securely wipes data from reusable devices.

Some Boring Facts:

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “most states have cut school funding, and some continue cutting. Moreover, “State funding has fallen sharply, and local funding didn’t make up the difference” Data from 2015.

How can IT departments incrementally increase their funding in the face of declining revenue? By introducing new revenue streams. Smart school District Administrators are working with their IT departments and are converting used assets into income to help recover some of their acquisition costs.
Instead of just turning over their used laptops, mobile devices and printers to a recycling company and either paying for that service or receiving no value, they’ve discovered the hidden value in those assets and are recouping money to help the school or the IT department itself.

DocuSense has partnered with a leading Asset Recovery Group and is helping Schools in the Philadelphia Metro area get value back for good or retired assets. If you’re not sure about Asset Recovery, it is: Also known as Investment Recovery or Resource Recovery — the process of maximizing the value of remaining or end-of-life assets through efficient reuse or divestment. Asset recovery has three main elements; Identification, redeployment and divestment.

To better understand the process and procedure, please read our previous blog listed here as School District Alert: Save Money on IT Asset Recovery

The Benefit: Schools generate a semi-annual purge of retired assets, and they are now better able to manage the value recovery in the districts IT budget.
It’s a win-win scenario, but lack of knowledge prevents many school districts from taking advantage of such an income stream. Don’t be a victim to this scenario because you don’t have enough information.  Let DocuSense help you discover the income potential of your used equipment and generate revenue for your IT department!

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