Every year, School districts struggle with a huge challenge. That is, what do they do with all their used computer equipment?  Because new computer desktops and laptops are purchased, districts have to decide how to dispose of these used systems no longer needed. They can’t just throw them out as this would result in a substantial financial loss.

Therefore, a company like DocuSense must take a pro active approach and help all these districts with what’s called IT Asset Recovery. Let’s start off by defining what this means: Asset Recovery, also known as investment or resource recovery, is the process of maximizing the value of unused or end-of-life assets through efficient reuse or divestment … Asset recovery has three main elements, identification, redeployment, and divestment.

DocuSense has partnered with another organization that can take possession of your school district’s used equipment; we’ll conduct a full range of testing to make sure the equipment is in full working order, then sell it (when possible) and find the best solution for the district regarding proceeds. In fact, once the assets are listed, DocuSense will offer to purchase them. Our R2 certified recycling organization will pick-up your school district’s used equipment; then will recycle unusable assets.  For those devices having value, we’ll wipe clean any information residing on resalable devices and make them available for resale to other schools or organizations.

Your school or district can choose to get a check for the value of the assets or can receive a credit towards the purchase of future services, supplies or equipment from DocuSense.

The benefit for your district is that you get rid of your equipment in one fell swoop, and receive albeit a limited IT budget. It’s better than receiving nothing in return!

Here are few facts you should know about:  According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “most states have cut school funding, and some continue cutting. Moreover, “State funding has fallen sharply, and local funding didn’t make up the difference” Data from 2015.

How can IT departments incrementally increase their funding in the face of declining revenue?  By introducing new revenue streams.  For example, some school IT departments are converting used assets into revenue to help recover some of their acquisition costs, as mentioned above.

Instead of just turning over their used laptops, mobile devices and printers to a recyclable company,  either paying for that service or receiving no value, they’ve discovered the hidden value in those assets and are recouping money to help the school or the IT department itself.

As mentioned earlier; DocuSense has partnered with a leading Asset Recovery Group and is helping Schools in the Philadelphia Metro area get value back for unused or retired assets.

Here’s an example of how this has worked in the past:

We worked with a local school district and examined their end of use recycling of electronic assets.  In their case, we were presented with a mix of PC’s, laptops and tablets that were generated from student issued and from classroom and computer lab applications.

The school had been using a local recycling company that would take the assets away, and they had a “no pay / no charge” arrangement for their retired assets.  The PC’s and laptops were determined to have a smaller value but the recovered amount generated a few thousand dollars of resale/reuse value and more than offset any costs for logistics, recycling and audit fees; netting the district money back to be used for future IT expenditures.

The tablets, Apple® iPads™, in this case, were severely damaged with broken screens and bent cases and there were about 650 units in totality.  The proceeds to the school were nearly $20,000 in recovered value, and this was new money that had a substantial impact on the districts’ IT budget.

The Benefit: Now the school generated a semi-annual purge of retired assets, and they are now better able to manage the value recovery in the districts IT budget.

It’s a win-win scenario, but lack of knowledge prevents many school districts from taking advantage of such an extraordinary experience. Don’t let this happen to you. DocuSense is Complexity Simplified for a reason. Take notice and take an interest now! Generate revenue for your IT department by learning how your school can benefit like all the others.

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