Are Your Files Secure if You’re Utilizing Print Management Software?

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At DocuSense we offer a variety of monitoring software programs as a solution for your company and your many devices. Managed print services alleviate a multitude of concerns when it comes to printer repair, ordering supplies, tracking usage and more. When you connect a device through your network and then via a monitoring software package you should know what is actually is being transmitted.

Let’s start with Xerox Device Agent:

Xerox® Device Agent discovers and monitors printing devices, specifically office printers and multifunction devices.

The software will only query printers which communicate in printer MIB language.   MIB information is then sent to Xerox and is available to DocuSense for monitoring and billing purposes.

The application supports industry-SNMP MIBs for network printers; however, the amount and type of management that it can provide is dependent on the printer’s level of conformance to those standards.

The following features conform to these standards:

  • Printer identity (i.e. model, serial number, manufacturer, etc.)
  • Printer properties (i.e. input trays, output bins, serial number, etc.)
  • Printer status including overall state, detailed status, UI messages, etc.
  • Consumables and levels (toner, fuser, print cartridge and device unique parts)
  • Supported print protocols (LPD, HTTP, Port 9100)
  • TCP/IP protocol suite (SNMP, TCP, UDP, IP, NIC details)

Managed Print Services for HP Include: FM Audit

Similar to Xerox Device Agent, FMAudit Onsite is a lightweight application that will also use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to query your network print devices for information (e.g., meter reads and supplies status) and sends it to FMAudit Central at HP, although managed by DocuSense for your convenience.

It is critical to know that NO high-level confidential data is ever transmitted other than what is necessary to help us manage your equipment. This is why Hospitals, Universities, Financial Institutions trust DocuSense for their managed print service needs.

We want you too, to feel confident in the process and if you still have any questions or concerns, you should contact a DocuSense team member who will walk you through every step of the way. We can customize a solution that fits your organization, no matter how many devices you have, the size of your company or any specific need. We’ve got you covered!

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