The Hidden Costs Of Document Printing And Device Management?

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Did you know printing costs are expected to escalate by as much as 9% for black and white and 19% for color documents per year?  Using a strategic and in depth approach, we can help you save up to 40% in printing costs. However, without looking at your current document workflow and installed devices, it’s impossible to know if you’re spending too much or if you could be doing better managing the equipment you currently have in-house.

You may not realize the amount of money you spend each month (and year) with unsupported and non-monitored print and copy activity.  You may not realize the value of Managed Print Services.   You may not realize that Managed Print Services and Document Management go hand-in-hand.  We’re here to help. Unless you know what’s really going on in your company and learn to find the ways to fix them, you’ll never know the difference. As the saying goes – “You don’t know … what you don’t know”.  It’s our intent to help you achieve immediate and long-term cost savings but it begins with you. You must acknowledge what’s really going on behind that flow of your mismanaged printing. Awareness is key and just the beginning. Savings is the goal. Evaluation is our job.   Let’s get started.

What is Managed Print Services?

Let’s define what Managed Print Services mean.  Also referred to as MPS, Managed Print Services involves managing hardcopy devices such as copiers, printers, multifunction devices, and fax machines in a unified fashion. Although you may feel this can be done internally, it’s typically better and far more efficient to outsource the service.

Why Managed Print Services?

No company is the same and each organization has very specific needs. You may need to print elaborate 4-color  11×17 tabloid brochures. You may need multiple copies of spread sheets or presentation flyers.  You may conduct workshops in-house and need multiple copies of extensive power point presentations for your attendees.  If you’re in the medical industry, your needs will be vastly different than that of a law firm.  Be honest, you print every day despite living in a digital world. But this doesn’t mean you should be doing so inefficiently.

If you were to currently evaluate your print and copy needs would you be able to say in 30 seconds or less how your employees print, how often and whether the features in your device work within the needs of your company? If you don’t print large brochures, why are you paying for a machine that offers this as a feature? Did you think you were saving money when you signed on with your copier salesperson? Think again.

It’s time to optimize.  DocuSense can create an all-inclusive cost effective and secure print environment for your company. We will come out to your location, and observe and inspect your fleet of printers and devices.  We will make recommendations based on your specific workflow and develop a plan that will be customized to work for you and one that will ultimately save you money rather than cost you money.

What is document workflow?

Including but not limited to the following is document workflow: Letters, Reports, Statements, Contracts, Drawings, Blueprints, Organization Charts, Photographs,  News articles, Reference materials, Invoices, Orders, Attendance cards etc… We can help make extensive recommendations by looking closely at all these print jobs. We will help your company streamline your print environment to minimize costs and maximize results.

By reducing the number of devices you currently have in your organization you will know how your employees function and help them to be more resourceful.  How you currently print and from where may be a huge drain on your bottom line.

At DocuSense we have a 5-step process in place that will bring your device management and document workflow into the forefront. Here’s how it works:

  1. Meet & GreetWe’re here to assess your current fleet of equipment.
  2. Crunching Numbers — We collect your current printing costs to find solutions that save you money and offer you greater printing efficiency.
  3. Evaluation & Validation — After diligent review, we validate our findings to confirm that we have everything we need to make the best possible recommendations for your company.
  4. The Productivity Proposal — Using the information we’ve gathered from observing your facility and assessing your printing processes and equipment, we create a Proposal for your company. Once you take the time to review, you have the choice to move onto step #5 and partner with DocuSense.
  5. Contract Signing: Your DocuSense Team Member Awaits — Welcome to the DocuSense team! We are thrilled to have you on board. And we’re even more thrilled to assign you to a DocuSense Document Expert to help you with all print management solutions and premium printer services.

How Will You Benefit with Managed Print Services?

Now that you know how we do it, let’s take a look at what you’ll get out of it.

  • Exceptional Service, supply fulfillment, and maintenance
  • Improved productivity
  • Device management optimization
  • Eco-friendly service and supplies so you can maintain a greener planet

Some Little Known Facts:

While we’re at it you should also know the facts that are currently paralyzing your company as it relates to document printing and needless devices.

  • 1-3% of corporate revenues are spent on document output
  • Printing is typically the 3rd highest office expense behind rent and payroll
  • 90% of companies don’t know what they are spending on printing
  • Printing has been identified as the last unedited frontier of corporate expense
  • 15 million pages are printed every five minutes in the United States
  • A typical office worker prints 34 pages a day and 17% of these documents are never actually used for which they were intended
  • The typical office laser printer creates 100 lbs of waste each year
  • Current annual paper usage is up 21% a year

Shocking isn’t it? Just say NO to workflow waste and move towards a more cost efficient and productive printing environment. While you’re at it, Download our Free Tip Sheet on 10 Ways to Take Control of Hidden Costs at the Office!

In our next blog, we’ll be talking about Document Automation Solutions, so you can learn how to take that money off the table and put it back into your pocket.

With cost effective efficiencies utilizing today’s advanced technology, our Team of Experts are here to analyze your system and provide better results. Click the button below and a DocuSense team member will get in touch with you ASAP.

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