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Office printing is in a state of printing peril!

The Problems:

  • Maintenance and repairs:
    • Tasks heaped on the IT department, wasting their skills and time on repairing breakdowns, ordering supplies and handling miscellaneous print/copy operations
    • Lapse in productivity while devices are down
    • Boost in employee frustration
  • Mismanaged networking:
    • Departments that do not need to print in color or high resolutions are not barred from doing so
  • Unrestricted access to specific devices:
    • It’s estimated that 30-50% of print assets in office environments are underutilized, while 20-30% are overutilized
  • Unplanned layout:
    • Employees waste time, interrupt workflow and compromise security walking to other rooms or even other floors to retrieve printed materials
  • Uninformed equipment purchasing:
    • Excess money spent on devices, models and functionalities that are mismatched for your particular office environment and document output
  • Impulsive printing:
    • Employees print whatever they want, whenever they want
    • Employees are not aware of costs of their printing habits
    • Employees are not aware of more cost-friendly and environmentally friendly printing practices

The Solution: An end-to-end managed print strategy that’s informed by print management experts and carried out enthusiastically by each member of your team.

All print management solutions are not created equal. Why? Each solution is based on the specific office environment, layout and document output of the company for which it is created. However, there are some facets that remain consistent from strategy to strategy, such as the following:

  • Coordination of responsibility for multifunction devices under one organization to prevent an overlap of multifunction device capabilities, which often results in excess device capacity
  • Strategized fleet management to ensure:
    • A balanced tradeoff between equipment cost and user productivity savings
    • That right-sized devices with only the necessary capacities are purchased
    • That the quantity of devices is realistic for the office’s output needs
    • That devices are strategically positioned according to office layout and workflow
    • That the right users are using the right devices according to their respective needs
  • Standardization of vendors across a range of devices to ensure streamlined management of supplies, inventory, upgrades, payments, training and maintenance processes
  • Payment plan that is based on printing, not printers to ensure that you are only paying for pages printed and not wasting resources on underutilized assets

But, the most important part of a robust print management strategy is also the easiest to access:

  • A team of print management experts who have the expertise and experience to help you:
    • Assess your office layout, current printing practices and output needs
    • Coordinate your strategy
    • Communicate to your team the quantifiable benefits — in cost, carbon footprint and productivity — of managed printing so they want to stick to strategy
    • Train your employees in prudent printing practices
    • Strategize managed print services and customized tactics that are realistic, adaptable, user-friendly and well suited for long-term operation

A team that ACTS with you comes up with the solution that WORKS for you. We are your personalized printing team that will create your personalized printing strategy.

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