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Four Tips To Get Your Team Printing With Prudence

Does your workforce print with prudence, meaning are they “smart printing”? The likely answer is no. How are we so certain of this answer? Because our society — and most specifically, its business sector — is in a state of printing chaos. Document production and printing costs are at an all-time high. But the worst part is most employers and employees are in the dark when it comes to understanding their office’s document workflow and printing costs.

DocuSense is here to help shine the light on prudent printing, also known as “smart printing here at DocuSense. We have  four tips to help your team think before they print:

  1. Don’t be careless with color.

Color does wonderful things for documents and presentations — it draws the viewer’s attention, helps with organization and adds emphasis and impact. But it should not be part of everything you print! The cost of color printing really adds up — even if it’s just blue hyperlinked text in an otherwise black and white document!

Get your team together and designate the types of documents that are to be printed in color and the types restricted to black and white, such as emails and rough drafts of presentations. Go over strategies to reduce careless color printing, like deleting unnecessary images and changing the text to black before pressing print. Also, consider restricting color printing to certain multifunction devices.

  1. Don’t print the unnecessary stuff.

When you print an email or a web page, sometimes you’re printing much more than you want or need. Don’t let banner ads, long lists of email recipients, enlarged headings and extraneous information, images and sidebars fritter away your paper and ink supplies. Motivate your employees to utilize the options available in print preview, which allow you to eliminate anything unnecessary.

  1. Don’t print everything.

We understand some people find it much easier to read a hard copy document versus content on the computer screen, but just one employee who presses print with reckless abandon is going to cost you. Communicate to your team that over-pressing the print button is not okay.

  1. Do think before you print.

Up to 40% of documents printed in the average office are recycled by the end of that business day. Get your team to think twice before printing a document. Far too often, someone will print a document and realize a nanosecond too late that a change needs to be made.

Luckily, there are experts in managed print services — it’s our job to cut the hard, soft, technical and energy costs of your printing. Partner with a print management company like DocuSense and you’ll get efficiency and cost savings, reduced carbon footprint, enhanced visibility, control of your workflow and improvements that integrate security and productivity.

But most importantly, you’ll get the expertise, guidance and resources to promote prudent printing practices for the cost-effective, energy-efficient long run.

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