All purchases are not created equal.

Choosing which paper towel brand to invest in? Pretty simple. Deciding which type of meat and vegetarian-friendly edibles to buy for your next family and friends gathering? Perhaps a bit more challenging. Purchasing the right multifunction office equipment? That can get tricky.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to make the wrong decision on a multifunction device in a work group setting. One unsuitable selection and you risk overspending on acquisition, service and supplies by thousands of dollars. But the surplus spending doesn’t stop there. Soft costs, such as lost capabilities, user frustration, down time and office inefficiency, pile up pretty quickly.

Even seasoned IT and facilities professionals can mismanage this purchase. The buying or leasing of multifunction office equipment is plagued with stories of “the deal they wish they had never signed.”

Why Is It So Hard To Make The Right Choice?

  1. The first reason is that manufacturers are introducing new technologies and new devices at breakneck speed. It’s understandably hard to keep up with all the updates and, more importantly, separate the latest from the greatest.
  2. Second, the newer technology is often hard to understand and frequently challenging to set up or use.
  3. The third cause for consumer confusion is the manufacturer itself, who often overstates equipment specs to move more product.
  4. But it’s the fourth spark behind printing purchasing perils that we’re here to talk about: the savvy salesman. We’re not saying office equipment salespeople are malicious. But they do have high-level knowledge of multifunction printing devices — knowledge most consumers don’t have — and they use it to their advantage.

The good news: Most of these salespeople use identical, time-honored strategies and tactics during the sales cycle, following a very predictable selling method.

The better news: Anyone who knows what motivates office machine salespeople during the assessment, negotiation and buying process has a terrific leg up.

The best news: We have that inside knowledge you need to make smart purchasing decisions and we want to share it with you.

Here, unclassified for the first time, is the office equipment salesperson’s ruthless recipe — the ulterior motives behind the pitches, the realities he doesn’t want you to know and, most importantly, the solutions to outsmart the savvy salesman.

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