There once was a highly successful salesman named CD Wilson who sold office supplies and equipment to businesses large and small but wasn’t in tune with his managed print services.  One day he decided to expand his offering into mobile phones.  He reasoned that he could sell the phones and also sell the minutes for a handy profit. He set out to visit the first one of his customers who had 10 mobile phones and explained to the company CFO how his new phone plan would work.  Instead of having standard devices from one manufacturer, they would now be able to buy different phones from a variety of makes and models.  Each user could choose the brand and functions of the phone they wanted and then purchasing could shop for and buy that phone from CD Wilson.

Each phone would have its own type of minutes and purchasing would now be able to shop around for the best price for each phone’s minutes from a variety of vendors (but CD Wilson’s price would probably be the best).

When the phones needed service, the IT department could first try to fix them. Then, if they couldn’t repair the device, IT could shop for the service company that repaired that particular model and then approve the service invoice.

The best part was that instead of one monthly bill detailing the minutes used by each phone, accounts payable would get separate invoices approved by purchasing for each phone from a variety of vendors depending on the type and amount of minutes each phone had used.  Purchasing would also get separate bills approved by IT for any service needed.

He finished by explaining that their newfound freedom to buy whatever they needed, whenever they wanted would cost about 30% more… but it was obviously worth it.

Unfortunately, after his first presentation CD Wilson was quickly shown the door and, in his haste, tripped from the top of the stairs leading from the CFO’s office.  CD limped away deciding his idea was too risky and went back to his old business.

But the CFO began to think deeply about the way their company acquired office equipment and supplies and contacted DocuSense.  The company soon discovered a new and better way to easily control their printing and copying expense and they all lived happily ever after.

The End. Managed Print Services: A Tale –  A new way to think about the way your company acquires office equipment and supplies.

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