Cost Per Page Calculations

When managing print and copy costs plus cost per page calculations in your organization you need to understand the best way to do them to truly understand the ACTUAL cost per page for EVERY device you lease or own. Therefore, we’re providing the calculations needed based on usage and acquisition.

Usage Costs

  • Know the cost of each supply and its anticipated yield.

  • The anticipated yield of supplies is usually based on 5% print coverage (5% print coverage is equal to about one page with 20 sentences in 12 point type).

  • If you typically print more than 5% coverage, your yield for each toner and supplies will be less and your cost per page will be higher.

  • Want to find out how much coverage one of your own documents has? Go to Page Coverage for more information on determining page yields.

  • Don’t forget to add maintenance kits, fusers etc.., divided by their yields.

  • Generally, the lower the acquisition cost for the device, the higher the cost per page for supplies.

  • For service, take the cost of a service contract and divide it by the number of anticipated prints/copies for the period of coverage. Total all of the supplies and service costs per page and you’ll have a total estimated service/supply cost per page.

Acquisition Costs

  • Take the purchase price divided by the number of months of estimated service divided by the estimated pages you will copy/print per month.

  • Add the acquisition and usage cost per page to get total cost per page for the device. Or, call DocuSense and we’ll help you do the calculation.

DocuSense can help you further determine cost per page printing and show you how to do the calculations for your entire fleet of printers. Furthermore, we’ll also provide a full spectrum analysis and discuss successful ways to use automated software so you can get this information with the simple click of a mouse.  To set up an appointment with a DocuSense expert team member, click below.

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